The 15th Ingooood【Spot the Difference】event started!

The 15th Ingooood【Spot the Difference】event started! 
Not everything is what it seems. In the picture below, you will see two pictures that look the same. They are not! Take a good look. There are 5 differences, how many can you find?
1, Free puzzle for 2 winners
2, Participants who find 4 or more differences get a 15% discount code

📣Rules Below:
1, Follow Ingooood’s Facebook page
2, Share this post to your timeline
3, Find the difference in the picture and mark the screenshot
4, Please send your answer to us by private message , DO NOT show or/and tell the answers in comment. The administrator will tag you in the comments after receiving your answer.
5, 2 winners will be randomly selected among those who find out all the differences.
6, Participation time:
Begins: At 00:01 am CST on 8/3/2019
Ends: At 00: 01 am CST on 8/9/2019
7, On August 9th, we will announce 2 winners and discount codes on Ingooood Facebook.
8, If the winner cannot be contacted within 3 days, the potential winner forfeits all rights to the prize
Puzzle in the picture:

Tip: If you think it is very difficult, you can send a message to the administrator, let the administrator give you a hint.🤫