Roll over image to zoom in Ingooood - DIY Paint by Numbers,Hand Painted Decorative Oil Painting kit for Kid&Adults&Beginners(Color Dog)


This is the most popular DIY digital oil painting at the moment. There are codes on the paint box and on the canvas. Just fill in the corresponding code number in the corresponding code area.<br/>Long-term preservation, without fading, permanently retain your beautiful memories.<br/>If you paint an area with the wrong color, please wait for the paint to dry, and then cover the wrong area on the surface with the correct color.<br/>Easy to wrinkle, how to remove the crease?<br/>1. Use an iron to remove the creases on the back of the canvas.<br/>2. Place the canvas under the weight for 1-3 days, and remove the wrinkles.<br/><b>Painting tips</b><br/>Feather-like transition method: the boundary between the color blocks is formed into a feather-like effect, and you can quickly drag on the color edge with a brush to form a hair-tooth shape.<br/>Point color hair: the use of point painting on the edge of the color block can draw the effect of smoke particles.<br/><br/><b>The package includes:</b><br/>A set of nylon paintbrushes (including 3, with frame 4)<br/>An art canvas<br/>A set of green paint<br/>A reference picture<br/>An installation package<br/> Finished Size: 50*40cm (19.68*15.75 inches)<br/> Package Weight: 0.550kg (1.21lb.)<br/>

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